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5 Ways to Capture a Magical Wedding Photo

capture magical wedding photo

A few special days in a person’s life are noteworthy. Among these days is the wedding day: a memorable event not only for the couple but also for the people they love. It’s where two people in love with each other unite and commit to a lifetime of laughter, joy, challenges and sickness, and everything in between. As it will be one of the most important days in your life, it’s essential to have the day captured through the best wedding photos. These pictures will remind you about the special day in the coming years. And for this reason, it’s crucial that you prepare it well. 

This guide is dedicated to all the brides-to-be who want to capture every moment of their wedding day beautifully. Here are our best tips for capturing the best wedding photos. 

1. Hire a Photographer and Make Sure They’re Cool

This is indeed the obvious first step. You likely won’t get those perfect wedding photos if you don’t find a professional photographer. We recommend scouting for a few talented photographers and you can decide based on their work quality by checking their portfolios. Keep looking until you’ve narrowed your options before choosing the photographer that fits your preferences. 

We also suggest meeting them before choosing them for your day. It’s basically a job interview for them, as you would ask for their work samples and they should convince you why they’re the right person for the job. 

Indeed, a determining factor is your budget. If they are in your budget, excellent. But if not, they will usually be happy to offer suggestions that might be in your price range. It’s possible to find a super-talented newbie that is super cheap. But you’ll need more luck to find them as it’s rarer than it is common. 

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Also, don’t only pick a photographer just because they’re affordable or popular. Make sure that you and your chosen photographer “click.” They’ll spend the entire day with you, and you might see them more than any of your wedding guests. You’ll want to ensure they know you and your style – and vice versa. If you’re comfortable and cool with the photographer, your wedding photos will look more natural and you’ll have way more fun in the process. 

2. Look at Their Packages

If your chosen photographer is a professional with a solid portfolio, they likely also offer special packages. A wedding photography package usually consists of the number of hours included for a day, along with any physical products like albums or prints. Besides that, it may also cover additional fees for the photographer, such as travel or other unique expenses. 

The package should also include the number of staff involved in the event. If the entire crew is there, you’ll likely have better photos as they’ll cover the entire event. One photographer will take pictures of the newlyweds while the other will take photos of the guests. Indeed, this will be very handy if you plan a bigger celebration with multiple aspects.

3. Consider the Lighting 

Indeed, this is something your photographer should know, but it’s common that couples don’t always agree to photographers’ directions as they are too shy or think it’s inappropriate. Trust your photographer and listen to them. If they ask you to stand on the venue’s field where all the trees and flowers create all kinds of shade with soft light, do it! You’ll get better photos and they’ll be much better than in a dark room. 

Remember that the best pictures are usually taken an hour before sunset when the lights are soft and golden. If you’re going for an outdoor ceremony, take pictures in the evening instead of in the middle of the afternoon with the intense sun. Couples even sneak out of the reception for bride and groom photos in the gorgeous sunset. 

And if you’re still searching for venues, consider the window light you want. Window light can be the most flattering thing for portraits or any photograph in general. It’s bright and soft and creates a flawless and smooth effect on your skin. 

4. Take a First Look 

Every time wedding planners consult with a bride when they ask if they want a first look or not, the answer is usually “no,” and it’s pretty heartbreaking. 

Every couple dreams of walking down the aisle and looking at each other for the first time. It’s classic, romantic, and exciting, and a first look is too! It lets you be yourself and allows you to see each other and spend time with each other and it is hidden away from the hectic and noisy wedding day. It allows you to look at each other for an extended amount of time instead of the few seconds of walking down the aisle. 

A first look lets your photographer capture your expression, reaction, and chemistry that radiates from your body. Your photographer will capture the natural, sweet, and loving photos together as he will have more time to capture you than the 20-second walk and you won’t even notice the photographer is there. 

5. Have Fun and Relax

How good or bad your wedding photo is may depend on your mood. So you should avoid having unpleasant moods during the day. To get the best results, you shouldn’t worry about the little things like a shoot relocation or because of external factors that you can’t control, like the rain. 

Your photographer should keep you on schedule, and you should only focus on looking good. After all, it’s your wedding day, so make sure to have fun! Laugh, party, and cry. That’s all it takes to ensure you’ll have amazing photos. And let your photographer have fun too! Treat them to some food, hand them a drink, and treat them as your friend or guest. They are there to document your special day from start to finish. 

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