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9 Budget-Friendly Villas for Private Wedding Party in Bali

budget friendly villas for wedding

Who wouldn’t want to marry in Bali in a dreamy outdoor wedding venue? Bali is indeed the ultimate wedding destination, whether at the beach, on top of a cliff or at a garden party. However, we understand that you might have a problem with your budget. But don’t worry, as we’ve listed the top nine villas that won’t break your bank, and are suitable for a wedding or party. 

1. Baliana Umalas

This is an iconic garden estate located in Umalas. Baliana Villa Umalas is a four residence that sits in their well-screened 3500msq garden. Besides weddings, this villa is also suitable for corporate gatherings, parties for friends and families to celebrate any special events like anniversaries. 

Baliana Villa Umalas has a unique appeal which proves to be an incredible wedding or pre-wedding venue to make your dream wedding a reality. The price starts from IDR 30 million and is suitable for 150 guests.

2. Alindra Villa

This villa in Bali’s southern peninsula is a living and breathing experience of Indonesia’s culture and architecture. There are two spaces in Alindra Villa for hosting weddings, engagements, cocktail parties, or birthdays. The venues for these events are at Grand Pool Villa or the Terracotta Garden. 

You can also have your wedding reception in the Terracotta Restaurant, which you can customize with advance notice. Alindra Villa’s venue starts from IDR 14 million, but you can also have complete wedding packages which may offer a better deal. The Grand Pool Villa can hold up to 100 guests, while the Terracotta Garden is suitable for 300 guests.

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3. Pandawa Beach Villa

This gorgeous villa is an excellent choice for couples looking for a small, intimate venue. Pandawa Beach Villa is an exclusive villa complex nestled in the calm Ketewel Beach and offers unrivaled views of the Indian Ocean. 

There are three villas suitable for parties or small events; Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadewa. It’s located beside Ketewel’s black sandy beach, so if you’re looking to get those unique wedding photos on the black sands, this is the place for you. This villa is suitable for 40 seated guests and starts from IDR 11 million.

4. Pushapuri Villa

Another gem in Ketewel, Pushapuri Villa, combines a modern design with Balinese architectural elements with beautifully landscaped gardens. The complete spaciousness of the villa and grounds and the many outdoor areas make the Pushapuri Villa a fantastic venue for romantic weddings or other celebrations. 

The villa also includes a spacious lawn space and the deck in front of the pool bar, complete with the villa’s settings on the edge of the beach with breathtaking ocean views. 

You can hire this villa for IDR 19,000,000 for up to 70 seated guests.

5. Mengening Villa

This villa was named after the calm beach where it is located; it’s where people escape from the crowds and immerse themselves in tranquility. Mengening Villa is located on the curved line of the beach, forming an arch that offers a jaw-dropping panoramic view of the ocean while surrounded by natural green rice fields. 

Hiring this Villa starts from IDR 12 million and is ideal for up to 150 standing guests. It’s the perfect venue for a big celebration where your guests can witness your magical moment together. 

6. Villa Kailasha

The vast, spacious and stunningly manicured garden and lawns make Villa Kailasha a fantastic tropical venue for a romantic wedding or other celebrations. The villa also offers a grand living pavilion, an alfresco terrace and a magnificent sea view complete with Balinese dance performances and other entertainment. 

The villa has recently been under renovation, so if you’re planning to get married here in a few months, then you should be good to book the villa. Villa Kailasha is located in Tabanan and can hold up to 150 people with a starting price of IDR 12,000,000.

7. The Samata Sanur

This is one of the most perfect and budget-friendly venues for a romantic wedding in Bali. Whether you’re a large-scale celebration with a grand banquet or a more intimate ceremony with a cocktail reception, the staff will make it easy for you. 

You and your guests will fall in love with their lush emerald lawns, exotic pools, vibrant rice fields and the sparkling ocean, all within walking distance. 

8. The Kunja

What represents a wedding ceremony other than a chapel? Of the numerous wedding chapels in Bali, Santi Chapel in Kunja is one of our favorites. This beautiful glass chapel is perched on an island of green with the backdrop of a cascading image of Bali’s water terraces. 

You can choose a daytime wedding in this tropical garden and celebrate your big day under the blue skies and inside the chapel’s comfortable interior. If you select a night wedding, you’ll experience Bali’s dramatic and magical night in the reflection of candlelight and luminous lighting from the water surrounding the chapel. A marriage here falls on the pricey side of our list, as it starts from IDR 26 million, but we promise you that it’s worth the price!

9. Villa Asada

This Villa located in Candidasa, one of the island’s quieter corners, offers an excellent place for weddings and other special events. The spacious lawns are also perfect for open-air performances in case you want to hire any live music or Balinese dancers. 

You can order catering managed by professional caterers with world-class experience in preparing an epic feast. They can also help you with the decorations, lighting, flowers and other entertainment.

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