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Boho Makeup Inspiration for the Bride

boho wedding dress make up

Calling all boho brides! If you’re planning your big day to be outdoors with a chic boho wedding dress, makeup, and hairstyle, and spending part of the day barefoot, then you’ve come to the right place. 

The word bohemian implies expressing your natural self instead of committing to a single theme or look. Therefore, anything goes if you’re going for boho bridal makeup. However, if you’re feeling lost as to where to start, a few boho basics will help you achieve that free-spirited and earthy look. Glowing skin and natural tones are excellent foundations to build from. You can then decide if you want to add a smokey eye, a hint of shimmer, a statement lip, or keep things understated and fresh.

What is a Boho Wedding Style?

Before we go into bohemian makeup, do you know what a boho-style wedding is? A boho wedding is a laid-back, country affair that honors love and the outdoors. 

If you love adding rustic elements, dried flowers, and a relaxing sense of romance to your big day, you may consider yourself a boho bride! Boho weddings are among the most popular due to their dreamy, chic, and mellow vibe. It’s ideal for couples who don’t want formal wedding types and can take on the hippie, Coachella-inspired vibe or the lighter, more whimsical cottage core theme. 

A boho wedding ceremony and reception are usually infused with a muted color palette, teepee decor, and lace wedding dresses, all taking place in the garden. These elements will make your big day stand out, whether you’re having a traditional wedding in a barn or a more intimate celebration outdoors. Once you have other elements settled for your bohemian wedding, it’s time to also think about the makeup that will make you stand out yet so true to your wedding theme. 

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This guide will cover everything you need for boho makeup, including the best tips and products you should use. So, let’s get started! 

Natural Boho Bridal Makeup 

Natural boho bridal makeup

This is the kind of boho makeup that will suit everyone. And you don’t need to have perfect skin for this one. You’ll be amazed at how a light layer of the product does for your skin and the entire idea of evening out the skin color and texture a little and leaving the rest to the concealer. Instead of a foundation that covers the entire face, use a concealer on places that need them, including dark circles, redness, or pimples.

Pick any natural foundations that are a great choice for a wedding. They stick to the skin, which makes them last longer while providing that shimmering glow. They also offer double sun protection (perfect for a tropical summer wedding in Bali).

You also need creamy consistency that works both on dry skin and with impurities. A matte foundation will enhance texture, while the creamy foundation will sit nicely on the skin. 

Mineral makeup is another excellent option for a natural base! It will look great on anyone’s skin and is easy to apply (with additional SPF). 

Mineral makeup & natural foundations

  • Madara’s City CC Cream from 
  • Madara’s Skin Equal Foundation
  • Bareminerals’s Loose Powder Mineral Foundation

Canceler & powder

  • NARS’s Radiant Creamy Concealer
  • Laura Mercier’s Translucent Powder
  • Madara’s The Concealer

The Bridal Glow

For any bridal makeup, adding that magical glow is always important. However, we don’t mean tons of shimmer or glitter on the bride’s face as you can achieve the natural glow with blush or bronzer. Cream products usually offer that nice sheen look. You can find ones that provide that dreamy consistency that blends seamlessly on the cheek, offering that natural shine. 

When bronzing your face, use a large, fluffy brush to distribute the product softly. This will ensure you’ll avoid those harsh lines. Add the bronzer to your face’s highest points, including the cheekbones, tip of your nose, and temples. You can also bronze up your neck if it’s a bit pale. 

Bridal glow products you should use:

  • Ilia’s Multi-Stick Cheek & Lip
  • Terracotta Blazing Powder by Guerlain 
  • Hoola Bronzer by Benefit 
  • All-in-one: Make Up for Ever Pro Sculpting Palette

Bohemian Bridal Eye Makeup

Boho eye makeup

You don’t need to change yourself entirely with makeup, even on your wedding day. If you’re someone who doesn’t usually wear makeup, you can keep light makeup. Or, if you prefer light brows, do it on your wedding day as well. However, if you want your makeup to really show in pictures, you’ll need to apply a bit more of it. 

False lashes are always excellent to have for your big day as they open up your eyes and elevate your entire look. The best false lashes are the ones that allow you to control their volume and length. False lashes are also extremely easy to apply if you’re doing your makeup yourself. 

Eye makeup you should use:

  • Mad4eyebrow’s Natural Brow Filler (powder brow product)
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Morphe 3502 Palette
  • Bobby Brown’s Luxe Eyeshadow, Heat Ray
  • Natural Eye Pencil, Ink from Alima Pure
  • Jane Iredale’s Gold Dust
  • Individual Lash Duos & Trios by Eylure

Bridal Lip Makeup for the Boho Bride

Even though the matte lipstick will likely last the entire wedding day, it’s not exactly the most comfortable option. We recommend that brides use nude sheer lipstick, which looks natural when worn off and is easy to reapply. 

Choose a comfortable lipstick like Jane Iredale’s Triple Luxe Lipstick. We’ve used it several times on brides and it never disappoints. Then, apply a nude lip gloss for the needed moisturizer and color. Also, one with a pleasant smell is a nice bonus. 

Bridal lip products you should use:

  • Natural Lip Perfector Gloss by Claris
  • Lip Gloss by Charlotte Tillbury
  • Triple Luxe Lipstick by Jane Iredale

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