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Arabic purple invitation thumbnail
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Arabic Purple Wedding Invitation
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American Indian Invitation in Mandala Purple
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Geometric Porcelain Wedding Invitation
Lily blue invitation cover
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Lily Blue Wedding Invitation with Teal Lily Silhouettes
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Rustic Dried Flower Wedding Invitation
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Vintage Mauve Rose Wedding Invitation

Create your Own Wedding Invitation!

Your wedding invitations are the first introduction to your celebration that your guests will receive. The invitations should communicate your personality, unique style, and the kind of celebration your guests will expect during the big day!

Our wedding invitation template offers customizable themes, fonts, illustrations, and everything in between to ensure you’ll send the perfect invitations to your loved ones.

General Characteristics of a Wedding Invitation

When choosing a wedding invitation template, you need to incorporate a combination of colors, patterns, and creative fonts that will reflect the ambiance of your big day.

For example, black and grey have a more formal and sophisticated tone, while white and blue translate to pureness, serenity, and calmness, reflecting a more casual vibe.

Having your own wedding invitation style can also help your guests get an idea of what the day will be and dress appropriately.

General Wording of a Wedding Invitation

This is 100% up to you as a couple. But here is the general outline of a wedding invitation wording:

  • Start with the hosts. This usually consists of the Bride and Groom (typically the Bride) or their parents. The hosts are the ones who invite the guests, which is why we put them first.
  • Next comes your names. You can use first name only, first and last, or first, middle and last; it's entirely up to you.
  • Wedding Date
  • Wedding Time - The start time for the ceremony
  • Wedding Location - State a clear address of the ceremony location.
  • Attire (optional) - You can include the dress code at the bottom of the invite.
  • Reception Information (optional) - you can add “Reception to Follow” or make it unique with your choice of wording.

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